Most of us have come across the term ‘Content is King’ but many fail to understand it’s true meaning. To begin with, the ‘Content’ referred to is the matter that we come across in different websites be it that of e-commerce, business web pages, institutions or those that offer services of various types. Putting it in plain words, the information, writings, videos and images that one finds in websites is what determines it’s quality and subsequently, it’s ranking in popular Search Engines like Google.

Website DesigningWebsite Content is a spokesperson

A website that we come across on the internet is said to be ‘live.’ It is much like a living entity through which interactions between the visitor and those that own it take place. The website and its Content then becomes the spokesperson of the institute or the business that it represents. The fresher and more innovative the Content of a website, the better it makes an impression on the visitor. This is because Google has formulated complex algorithms that carefully scan websites for fresh and innovative Contents the moment people type the relevant Keywords.

Fresh Content makes Google happy

Gone are the days when the search engines preferred more Keywords in the Content and eventually landed up ranking high even websites with poor Content stuffed with Keywords. The latest technology makes the search engines scan the entire document for new Content and even penalize those sites that have too many Keywords but low-value Content with low ranks. There is thus the need to continually update websites with new Content giving more information on topics related to what is being sold or promoted through it. The consistent updating of Content will attract the Google crawlers to stop by and rank the website higher.

Relevant new Content attract traffic

Content is also King so long as it has Kingly characteristics, that is, it has the substance of value that the readers will appreciate and come back for more. The slogan thus holds true for the visitor as well that will not bounce off the landing page due to poor Content. For example, you and I are sure to revisit the website of a particular insurance company because it regularly posts a blog of different types explaining the purposes of various insurance plans and their benefits. Such a website is sure to enjoy more traffic from the visitors and also make the algorithms of Google happy raking it right on top of the search engine.

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