Digital marketing is revolutionizing with the growing awareness to advertise products/services using the internet world. However, if you are one in the vicious circle, you would know the importance of creating the perfect environment before staging the advert. So, what does it include? Anything and everything from figuring the apt brand name to creating a professional website design and using the perfect social media tools for marketing and advertising. SEO and content marketing play a more explicit role then one can actually imagine. Let us learn how from the analysis below, by Prospero InfoTech.

Concepts – SEO & Content Marketing

First things first, what is SEO? SEO meaning ‘Search Engine Optimization’ involves all the steps and procedures to get traffic to your website from search engines. These searches could be ‘free’, ‘organic’, ‘editorial’ or ’natural’. Content marketing, on the other hand, is the concept of creating and advertising valuable and significant content to target the right category of the audience for the business. Although, the general attitude is that these two concepts are separate. Nevertheless, the interrelationship is also not unknown. SEO is the important cover for the website which puts forth the entire business through its contents in front of the audience whereas the perfect content markets the business and helps with the SEO of the website.

SEO & Content Marketing – Coexistence And Correlation

SEO & Content Marketing – Coexistence And Correlation

SEO & Content Marketing together – How?

We all know and now understand how each of our legends works their way for the prosperity of our business. But the main concern here is to understand – how do they work together? Let’s answer this question with an example. For instance, consider ‘Flipkart’ website. As of today, it ranks amongst the top websites in India. Now, can you imagine ‘Flipkart’ Website’s content changed overnight to poetry and still have the same ranking? No! The ‘Content’ in the website is the product here. Similarly, if you study all the topmost websites there would be one common thing. Their contents are unique and very valuable to the customer. Now, you create a website with exactly the same contents and just let it be. Would it have the same ranking as Flipkart – Definitely Not! So, the point here is ranking needs perfect content to market and to market you need to know the way, in short, you need to use SEO. Hence, one cannot exist without the other. Along with contents, SEO friendly website design is necessary.

It’s all about seo friendly website design and development

When your website content is perfect and is on the verge of ‘Go Green’, always use professional web development services to promote them. This is the first and the most difficult step. However, most of the designing part itself would define the SEO functions. The Second step is to use social media tools for marketing and advertising. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, you name it and you should be a part of it – ACTIVELY. The next part of SEO is to have as many links as possible in the content. Any reference, any example or be it even a name, it can imbibe the website links SEO automatically gets enhanced.

Now, the final part is to also have links to our website. This can be a paid part or a ‘free’ kind of click. Have you used ‘IRCTC’ website? If you have, you would have seen a lot of adverts on various websites. These are backlinks and off course paid ones. Nevertheless, there are numerous ways to have backlinks to your website through forums, blogs etc. The more you have backlinks, the more chances you have to increase the traffic and hence the ranking.

What’s the story behind?

Rankings are basically a way for Google to understand which are commonly sought after websites. The final aim of all these steps is to make sure Google knows that your business exists and is sought after. The more Google understands that, the smaller you rank and the larger would be the traffic for your website. Being one of the best SEO experts in Bangalore, our team in Prospero InfoTech can analyse and define these for any and all business/services. ‘Shoot for the moon and even if you fail you will land among the Stars’, but the key is to be focused and patient.

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