Google Adwords in itself is an ocean of knowledge and why would it not be – it’s a Google product. So necessarily the geeks have made the algorithm in such way that it targets the right audience. You yourselves are the best example. How? How did you learn about Google Adwords – Marketing and research from “Google”.

Prospero InfoTech has been into creating Google Adwords for numerous clients and believes it to be one of the most straightforward and popular techniques. Now, the experts in our company suggest all their clients learn a little about Google Adwords before actually opting for it blindly. Don’t worry! You do not have to study all the details but just the basics to understand which type of Google Adwords would be most suitable for your biz.

Google AdWords

Google Adwords – How to win customers

Types of Google Adwords

Prospero InfoTech specialists specify that Google Adwords are excellent but each type might not be appropriate to all. So, here is a small description of the various types of Google Adwords. The combination you choose solely depends on how you believe your clients react to various kinds of adverts. Although all the types of Google Adwords are based on the Pay-per-click advert technology, there are slight differences between them.

Search Ads

When people type for your products or services on Google, ‘Search Ads’ are adverts that appear next to the search result list. When people click on that particular add, it takes them to your website with all the information. Only when a client clicks on the ad, you have to pay for it. The intensity of the appearance of your ad depends heavily on the keywords you choose that your potential clients might use to search for your products and services.

Display Ads

Display Ads are adverts which appear on various websites displaying the information about your product or service. There are over 2 million websites which have registered with Google Display Network to showcase these adverts. As there are billions of adverts, Google just does not display any of them. Google remembers the previous searches made by the customers through cookies and based on that displays the adverts. Now, there are mainly four methods in which the adverts can be displayed.

Text – Displays your ad headline with a two-line description as well as a URL like on Google search

Gmail – Displays ads in Gmail so people can expand to see more, or save or forward

Banner – Displays rich media or images on various websites. These are interactive adverts including animation with a layout which you can choose.

App – Displays campaign targeting specific mobile app categories, or track the performance of the in-app ads that the customer is already running.

Video Ads

Video ads are shown to people who specifically search for the product or service you offer. The video is only played when the customer clicks on it. You need to register and upload your video to YouTube and then select the required keywords. Only after the customer has clicked to see the video, you get charged for it. But the video has to be created and designed by you. This is where you need experts like Prospero InfoTech.

App Ads

Mobiles and mobile app are one of the quickest means to target your audience. It is available with the customers all the time. App ads are an effortless way to promote your product or service app to iOS or Android users on Google. Google will create custom app ads for you, and let you show multiple designs across the entire Google network based on the information that you supply to Google. You can always make changes after it is designed.

Requirement for Pros like Prospero InfoTech

Every person in the marketing field would tell you that an organization grows sales if its reputation increases which means when people start remembering the organization. Although Google suggests that you may not require any advertising skills for any of the Google Adwords, yet it would be best to seek professional guidance like Prospero InfoTech as the window to appeal to your customers is quite narrow. Only an effective Ad can create an impression that would be long-lasting.

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