For a non-technical crowd, the term digital marketing strategy can sound very geeky. Rest assured, it is not rocket science. It is just the process of creating an effective online presence for your Brand. According to some web folks, ‘it is the process of building and maintaining customers’ relationships through online activities to facilitate the exchange of ideas, products, and services that satisfy the goals of both parties’. Now that we know what it is, let us understand what digital marketing services comprise of?

Below is a compact list of various components that are incorporated in Digital Marketing Strategy.

digital marketing strategy

9 Mantras Of Digital Marketing Strategy By Prospero InfoTech

Web design

Experts at Prospero InfoTech suggest that having a state-of-the-art website design with excellent functions will always be helpful for people to navigate throughout. This should be created in such a way that the customer experience is special and memorable like a new a mall or a new shop.


Virtually, whatever you associate with your brand is spread everywhere. So, Pen is definitely mightier in every case here. Prospero InfoTech understands the intensity with which effects can be transformed just with little words and hence, spends a great deal of time to make sure that the content is set to perfection.


This is the most popularly used organic method of the digital marketing industry. Search engine optimization services optimize your website in a way that it appears in the search results related to your business. Prospero InfoTech has experts who believe that this can be achieved by understanding your product completely as well as a thorough market research.


Social media is one of the most esteemed channels of promotion. These include advertising your business on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest as well as other forums and websites which are used publicly worldwide. Your product or service is displayed to customers who have searched the internet for similar products or service.

Pay per Click Adverts

Paid advert service like Google Adwords, Facebook adverts as well as Website adverts not only boost you in the search results but even direct traffic towards your website or listing. This is helpful even when you do not own a website.

Email marketing

Introducing people to your business through emails has become a regular practice for many years. Often the results are not as expected, yet a part of the population still believes in reading the emails and acting towards it if attracted.

Display Advertising

Using banner-like ads on various websites, or short videos of your business on platforms like YouTube is also quite helpful in generating revenue. This is a very effective method to communicate with your target audience because they are already on a lookout for it.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a little old technique yet quite powerful if implemented accurately. In simple terms, this is an indirect online marketing approach. In this, one online retailer pays commission to a third party for generating sales or driving traffic towards their website.

Online Reputation

Managing your Online Reputation is to make sure your virtual image is never distorted in front of your audience through strategic social marketing. Service is the most important category that affects your online reputation. Prospero InfoTech explains that your online reputation can make/break your Brand because news travels faster than light over the internet. As we know there could be many ways to boost your good reviews, keeping an active eye on all the reviews over the net can help improve the service as well as make the brand more recognized.

This is just an overview of the components that come under the umbrella of Digital marketing. A professional like Prospero InfoTech would know which gears would serve better for your business based on the experience and existing market environment. Choosing to showcase your product over the internet is the best decision you have taken for your business development. Now, choose to be the best brand online.

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