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Prospero InfoTech is a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore with a team of experts with comprehensive knowledge in all the aspects included in digital marketing. They suggest that Search Engine Marketing is one of the most modern techniques employed to attract online customers. Although this service is very common among all entrepreneurs, yet many of you seem to have numerous queries before sorting to opt for it. One of the most commonly used tools of SEM is Google Adwords. Prospero InfoTech helps its clients with all the answers for their questions and also assists its clientele in displaying the most effective adverts using Google Adwords.

So, what are Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is another revolutionary digital marketing tool which was developed by Google and initially launched on 23rd October 2000. This service basically displays adverts on the website which can be clicked upon. Once you click on the ad, it redirects to your website.

Technically, Google Adwords are paid advertisements for displaying a tiny part of the ad, product copy or video to the website users.  The website is designed in such a way that the ads automatically pick up the cookies from the user and keywords set by the advertisers. The websites that display these are not just any websites but only those which are a part of the Google Display Network. This means that it’s either the Google website or websites that use tools like Adsense and DoubleClick which showcase these ads to the visitors.


Let’s say for instance a customer searches for flight tickets from India to Singapore for certain dates in December. After the search, they notice ads related to their flight searches for a different date or for a cheaper price on various other websites. These ads are Google Adwords. Still confused! Say a customer opens ‘Amazon’ and searches for a mobile phone. Now they open some other website like a newspaper and find ads for the same mobile they searched earlier on Amazon. They are Google Adwords.

Different kinds of Google Adwords

Many of you observe various kinds of adverts all around you. They could be TV commercials or posters or Radio ads. Even Google Adwords are of various kinds which more or less are amalgamation of one single kind. ‘Search Ads’ are one which appears next to the results on your search page on Google. ‘Display Ads’ are banner like adverts which appear on various websites across the web. ‘Video Ads’ are very short video ads which appear on the websites like YouTube. Finally, ‘App Ads’ are a category of ads which appear on your mobile phones while using various apps.

Why Prospero InfoTech for Google Adwords?

As easy it may sound, it is also pertinent to monitor every critical aspect of an ad. Here is where you need the guidance of experts like Prospero InfoTech. We provide service with utmost precision and accuracy. We have specialist who have studied the market and are always up-to-date with the changing trends. And for those who do not know, Google keep updating their algorithms about 500-600 times in a year. Apart from our excellent service, we also keep in mind that all our clientele believe in keeping an economical budget. So, do not hesitate. Get in touch with us for the best Cost Per Click Advertising.

You can have a beautiful website, but if your are not found online its the same as not having a website at all. Search Engine Marketing is just as important as building your website. Find out how we can help, call us now! on +91 8892621026