SEO Updates

19Sep 2017

Digital marketing is revolutionizing with the growing awareness to advertise products/services using the internet world. However, if you are one in the vicious circle, you would know the importance of creating the perfect environment before staging the advert. So, what does it include? Anything and everything from figuring the apt brand name to creating a professional website design and using the perfect social media tools for marketing and advertising. SEO and content marketing play a more explicit role then one can actually imagine. Let us learn how from the analysis below, by Prospero InfoTech.

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06Jul 2017

Technology is regarded as the keystone of business growth. Whether it is for increasing efficiency, new resources for creating a professional network or new ways to reach out potential customers; digital marketing is a boon for every business of all kinds. It has proven specifically beneficial for the service industry.

Before the era of digital marketing, service businesses depended on traditional marketing platforms and sales agents to shove their services to the customers. Usually, marketing and sales functions got detachED from each other, hardly uniting their endeavors for a successful lead management process.

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26May 2017

According to statista The Statistics Portal, the mobile user’s volume expected to increase to five billion by 2019. The volume of smartphone users worldwide is expected to spring by one billion in next five years, which means the smartphone users worldwide is expected to reach 2.47 billion by 2019 and further 1.1 billion mobile connections expected in India. After looking at this statistics, any entrepreneur can imagine how important it is to reach consumers mobile screen with organised information.

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19Apr 2017

Google has been continuing with its addition of features to make life easier for the net savvy present generation. It was only a few weeks back that we had the Location-Sharing Feature to help others trace the global location of a person. Now comes the Style Ideas that is a feature in the Image Search option to make your online shopping simpler. With the number of online shoppers of fashion products ever on the rise, Google is set to be the platform to search for the perfect combination of clothes and accessories.

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28Mar 2017

Google has been playing a dominant role in the way that people are doing business and its latest addition has been the real-time location sharing for users with anyone that they wish to connect with. It is a feature that can be added to the Google Local Listing or GLL and allows business owners and customers to trace people, goods and vehicles that are on their way to different destinations, simplifying communication and enhancing it too.

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